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Visit us at 35 Iyannough Road in Hyannis, MA.


Guaranteed Fresh Produce was founded by Adam Weiner in 1995. At that time Adam was just 20 years old & his dream was to own his own business. As a matter of fact, in his high school year book he stated his goal was to win the Daytona 500 & own a successful business.

Although Adam never won the Daytona 500, he has been building a successful company that supplies produce, dairy & specialty products to customers throughout Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

Adam had the idea that he could travel to Boston in the wee hours of the morning & hand pick the freshest produce for restaurants on Cape Cod. His pitch to local business owners was that if you order produce from me, I will pick it up fresh in Boston & deliver it the same day.

Restaurants owners fell in love with the idea & a business was born.

For the first few years it was basically a one man operation. Adam would go to Boston, deliver produce throughout the Cape & then eventually off-load pallets of potatoes & onions in a small warehouse, sometimes until midnight. Adam recalls  by the time he was finished unloading the truck it was time to turn around & go back to Boston!

By listening to some friendly business advice, he realized that in order to build his company he needed a team. Today, Adam has built a team of what he calls “Produce Professionals.” Everyone at Guaranteed Fresh Produce is passionate about what they do & it shows day after day. Adam likes to compare his team to the Red Sox or Patriots sports teams, due to the fact that there are a lot of teams out there but, year after year, the New England teams come out on top. At Guaranteed Fresh Produce  our team works that extra hour, goes that extra mile, makes that extra phone call & it shows with our happy, loyal & ever expanding customer base.

In late 2008, Adam & his team moved the operation to a new building conveniently located on Route 28 in Hyannis, MA. This allowed the wonderful addition of opening Guaranteed Fresh Produce’s wholesale store to the public. Now the public can not only buy fresh produce without the middle-man at wholesale prices, but they can also buy exotic items from all around the world.

Products include specialty fruits & vegetables, micro greens, specialty lettuce, a full line of dairy including imported & domestic cheeses, butter, milk, eggs & cream. Other items include fresh pastas & ravioli from a local artisanal pasta maker, rices, grains, olives, oils, vinegars & fruit purees.

So whether you are a family looking to buy in bulk or a gourmet cook looking for ingredients not found at the local grocery store, Guaranteed Fresh Produce has what you are looking for!