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Cultivating crops & connections


Guaranteed Fresh Produce believes the way food is grown and delivered to your table isn’t just a concern for farmers. It’s also of major importance to professional chefs, caterers, restaurant owners and many others working in the food service industry that assemble menus and are responsible for feeding the public.

As part of our evolving “Cultivating Crops & Connections” program offered by Guaranteed Fresh, we recently welcomed the students of South Shore Vocational Tech’s culinary department into our facility, in an effort to teach future chefs more about local produce. Even though cooking professionals prepare meals with fresh ingredients and expert methods, knowing where ingredients originate, how they are grown and how to properly store them is essential.

The program offers young cooking professionals in training the opportunity to sample and learn about utilizing what is in season, harnessing “peak flavors” achieved when fresh food is allowed to ripen on the vine. It was created in an effort to prepare them for future career opportunities working with restaurant owners. In addition to, Guaranteed Fresh Produce strives to forage profitable local business partnerships with local growers and suppliers.

Young industry professionals also learned about packaging, product yield and current restaurant trends, as well as encouragement to think about quality and creativity.

Guaranteed Fresh Produce supports cooperative education opportunities. To learn more about our program “Cultivating Crops & Connections”, please visit our website or contact us at 508-771-0904.