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Guaranteed Fresh Produce offers delivery seven days a week for all of our products. Our coverage area consists of Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts & areas along Route 495 south of the Mass Pike & Rhode Island.  

We provide exceptional service to the entire food service industry including restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, nursing homes & retail stores.

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks deliver goods in a climate controlled environment to maintain the cold chain ensuring the freshness of our products.


We source produce from all around the globe & carry a complete line of products ranging from pre-cut fruits & vegetables, a full line of micro greens, baby vegetables, all staple products & a varied selection of exotic fruits.

We pride ourselves on having the freshest produce, which arrives daily by truck & air freight. This greatly reduces the transport time from our door to your table ensuring an exceptional product.

In an effort to be green as well as fresh, whenever possible we source local products from farms throughout New England.


We are constantly searching for new & innovative products to please any culinary expert! While searching for these unique products, an important consideration is price point. We understand that no matter how unique an item may be, it has to fit into food costs to be a consideration.


Our latest addition to our product line includes grocery & frozen items such as french fries, layout bacon, frozen tortillas, baking needs, oyster crackers & a full selection of canned beans, sauces & tomatoes. We are glad to bring in specialty goods you may need for delivery, seven days per week with no minimum order restrictions.